More residents in Victoria’s Southwest have been evacuated as they experience the worst flooding in fifteen years.

Floodwaters are continuing to rise in many areas but some rivers are expected to peak soon.

Imogen Knowles reports.

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Homes around the Wangaratta and Seymour areas are the most recent places to be evacuated as the Ovens River continues to rise.

Residents are trying to protect their homes before they leave.

Vox 1: “We have sandbags at the back door to place the, water is going to come in.”

But some residents don’t want to leave their loved ones.

Vox 2: “Well we’ll just have to get up on the table, or up on the beds. Yeah I can’t leave my animals behind.”

One hundred and fifty police, as well as army personnel have been sent in to help the SES with the clean up as floodwaters continue to flow downstream.

SES worker: “The water has passed on from Benalla and now heading towards Marengo which is an area towards Shepparton from us.”

The SES is asking residents in isolated areas to contact them about their wellbeing.

SES worker: “We need to know how you are, we want to know how you are. If you need anything we want to know that as well.”

Premier John Brumby has thanked SES volunteers for their efforts during the disaster.

John Brumby, Victorian Premier: “The effort of the SES has been, I think today. just been magnificent. We’ve had more than six hundred SES volunteers across the state.”

The Victorian government is offering grants to locals who have been drastically affected by the floods.

Residents who’s homes are significantly damaged will be given twenty six thousand dollars, while one thousand will be given to those who are unable to return to their homes.

Imogen Knowles, QUT News.