A Brisbane author has spent 16 years creating a children’s book to educate young people about child protection.

He says he wrote the book to encourage children to protect themselves.

Elly Bradfield reports.

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Al Smith has released his book, “Koala and Bunny”, hoping to attract publicity in Child Protection Week.

He says he has been inspired by his large family to create a valuable resource for children to learn to speak up.

Al Smith, Author: “I believe one of the biggest problem with the issue is people not speaking up about it, even if they suspect it.”

Mr Smith has been in discussion with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to incorporate the book into the national curriculum.

Al Smith, Author: “Julia Gillard has been very positive about it, she has said straight out you are commended for doing this.”

Child protection workers say the book will be a valuable resource.

Sue Perel, Kurbingui Youth Development: “I think Al has put a great deal of effort into getting this book happening and he has lots of community support. So top marks to Al.”

Al’s goal now is to get the book published in many languages so that more people hear the child protection message.

Al Smith, Author: “I’d like to see it in every language on the planet.”

The book is available online and at libraries throughout Australia.

Elly Bradfield, QUT News.