The three key independents have continued their meetings for what’s hoped will be final discussions with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

They’re tipped to announce who they’ll back to form government soon with at least one coalition MP predicting they’ll back Labor.

Cerrissa Enright reports.

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It’s nearly decision time and for Tony Windsor, Bob Katter and Rob Oakeshott and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Rob Oakeshott, Member for Lyne: “I made the comment purposely yesterday that it was a bit of a bummer Father’s Day for me, I’m the last one that wants to be here. We all want to resolve this.”

After a week of discussions, the key independents are meeting with Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott today for what is expected to be final negotiations.

Bob Katter has been criticised for taking longer to come to a decision to extend his moment of fame, a claim Tony Windsor rejects.

Tony Windsor, Member for New England: “This isn’t a game, we’re looking at whether there can be a stable government can be formed. And if we can’t then the people will decide, but hopefully we can.”

Labor has 74 of the required 76 lower house seats one more than the coalition.

The question now is whether one of the independents will be forced to back a party they don’t agree with in order to avoid a 75-all outcome.

Tony Windsor, Member for New England: “I think we’d have to have a good hard think about that because really what this is about is whether there can be a stable government formed.”

A decision is expected within the next twenty four hours.

Cerrissa Enright, QUT News.