Motorists will have less choice at the petrol pump by Christmas under new legislation to cut fuel options in Queensland.

E10 petrol will replace unleaded petrol under the new scheme.

Sacha Passi reports.

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Don’t be surprised if you can’t find unleaded petrol next time you’re filling up.

In fact, the threat of Queensland’s ethanol mandate almost guarantees you won’t.

Paul Turner, General Manager RACQ: “I think unfortunately consumers are finding out the hard way when they drive in and there’s no standard unleaded pump.”

The State Government’s plan to introduce a five per cent ethanol quota will force almost fifty per cent of all fuel sold in the state to be E10.

It’s an amount retailers say is unachievable if consumers continue receiving fuel options.

Vince Gianoli, Service station co-owner: “I could not tell you how long we’re going to have standard unleaded for. But I presume that in the future it will be changed. Everything will be Ethanol.”

E10 is the cheaper of the two petrols per litre between two-to-three cents less than unleaded.

But it’s a less efficient fuel source forcing consumers to pay more in the long run.

Vox 1: “I wouldn’t be very happy about that. Petrol costs a lot of money now days, you know.”

The RACQ says motorists will struggle to find unleaded petrol by the end of the year. More than one-hundred and fifty service stations in south east Queensland have already removed the option.

Paul Turner, General Manager RACQ: “What we’re concerned about is that the fuel stations and fuel companies, to meet targets the government set, are changing all the pumps over. So that takes away the choice for motorists.”

And motorists aren’t happy.

Vox 2: “I think taking away choice is probably not a good thing.”

Vox 3: “I don’t think it’s a good idea. Not at this stage anyway.”

It’s expected the legislation for the ethanol mandate will be introduced within before Christmas enough time for motorists to get used to the idea.

Sacha Passi QUT News.