Queensland Independent MP Bob Katter remains tight-lipped about his decision on who he will back to form a federal government.

After two weeks Australia is still facing a hung parliament and voters are starting to lose patience.

Benjamin Leming reports.

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Queenslanders are feeling increasingly anxious about the negotiations between the three independents and the two major parties and want a decision soon.

Vox 1: “It’s very confusing.”

Vox 2: “The election was held, what two weeks ago? We need a leader; we need to actually know. It’s ridiculous.”

Vox 3: “I would be pleased if we get that decision today or tomorrow.”

A News Limited poll has found that more than half of Australian voters would prefer another election.

Vox 4: ” I’d actually like to go back to the polls.”

While the people of Brisbane want the independents to make a decision soon they aren’t getting their hopes up.

Vox 5: “They’re in a position to, I guess, make it as long as they want.”

Vox 6: “I think they’re milking it a little bit.”

Vox 7: “I’d like to see them make a decision. I’d like to see the Government form and run for three years.”

The independents have hinted that a decision will be likely tomorrow morning.

Benjamin Leming, QUT News.