Thousands of people have filed in for the opening day of Brisbane’s Timber and Working with Wood Show.

The RNA Showgrounds were packed with enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge and passion for the craft.

Anita Theodorou reports.

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Jim Marshall has been chipping away at the timber and wood show for seventeen years.

Taking around 150 hours to craft he only manages to make five of these in a year.

But, he says it’s all worth it.

Jim Marshall, Wood Show Exhibitor: “I had one guy who was in his nineties, bought a kit, two and a half years later he came to me at the show with eyes like saucers. He’d completed the project.”

Demonstrations and workshops are just one part of the three day show.

There’s plenty on offer from the traditional, to the powerful and the playful.

Plenty of raw materials and final creations have been sold already but some enthusiasts are finding it hard to contain themselves.

Vox one: “Very very passionate I just wish I had more money.”

Vox two: “The tools I’m very envious of. I need a lotto win to buy them.”

More than 8,000 people are expected to walk through the gates at this years show, with opening day figures already exceeding expectations.

Elizabeth Falloon, Show Owner: “A lot of the audience are the older demographic and so its their hobby once they’ve retired. But we’ve had over seven hundred kids through today, students, so that’s our future.”

Regardless of their age, they’re all enthusiastic.

Nathan Gillon, Student: “We went in this sawing competition and we got to saw a log and we won it.”

Exhibitors find it reassuring they’re leaving the industry in good hands.

Stan Ceglinski, Wood Show Presenter: “I tell life stories, make it a bit of fun and have a bit of fun, but I’m really serious about fostering wood work in children.”

Jim Marshall, Wood Show Exhibitor: “They ask me questions and sometimes I can’t give them an answer.”

The show runs until Sunday.

Anita Theodorou, QUT News