Nurses have taken to the lawns outside the Prince Charles Hospital demanding answers and money.

It’s been eight weeks since many have received their proper entitlements but they’ve been told the payroll system is far from fixed.

Rachel Tinney reports.

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Tens of thousands of Queensland Health staff have been underpaid, over paid or not paid at all due to glitches in the $40 million payroll system.

According to Queensland Health, at least 29 people were not paid in the last cycle, proving there’s still a long way to go.

Michael Reid, Queensland Health: “This system was inappropriately rolled out with inadequate training and that’s clearly obvious.”

Some nurses have been underpaid for up to eight weeks.

Sue Meyer, Nurse: “I work in the operating theatres and we do lots of overtime. I’ve not had any overtime paid since probably the end of February.”

Nurses have been told they can pick up ad-hoc payments to tide them over until everything is sorted out, but they’ve still had enough.

Sues Meyer, Nurse: “For it to go on for three months is ludicrous and they’re saying collect money from.. You know, you can collect a check but you have no idea how much you’re owed. They take tax out of it, so you can’t work out for yourself.”

The LNP believe Queensland Health should be prosecuted over the ongoing failure to pay their employees. But the Attorney-General says they’ve done all they need to for the time being.

Cameron Dick says they don’t have to prosecute, rather they need to work with the hospitals to fix the problem.

Cameron Dick, Attorney-General: “That’s what the department does Mr Speaker, they work locally first. Locally with management to try and address the problem.”

The system may not be fixed until at least the middle of June.

Rachel Tinney, QUT News