The marine industry predicts local income from this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show will exceed $300-million.

The four day show kicked off today with the third largest number of exhibitors in its 22 year history.

Anita Theodorou reports.

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This is the $15-million yacht headlining this year’s show.

With its plush interiors and leading edge technology, Sunseeker’s 30-metre yacht is in a class of its own.

David Nardi, Sunseeker General Manager: “The sheer volume of the boat itself is uncomparable to other boats at the show.”

While this one’s already been sold there’s plenty more on offer.

The manufacturer hopes that after four days its decks will be cleared.

David Nardi, Sunseeker General Manager: “We’re not here to make up numbers, we’re here to sell boats. We have about $35-$40 million worth of boats on display here.”

Four hundred and twenty four exhibitors are on display all vying for the visitors’ dollar.

But if the million dollar price tags are out of reach?

There are smaller options.

Quicker options.

And for those with no interest in boats, the social options.

The number of visitors and boat sales combined is expected to generate at least $300 million income for the local community.

Event organisers say the marine sector is showing a boost in confidence in the economy.

Barry Jenkins, Boat Show General Manager: “We’d like to think as far as the recreational industry goes that we’ll share in some of that financial growth.”

Jessica Watson’s successful solo round the world voyage is also expected to spark interest.

Barry Jenkins, Boat Show General Manager: “It’s very good to see that she’s achieved what she’s done and no doubt there’s been a lot of attention in sailing and sailing boats.”

The show runs until Sunday.

Anita Theodorou, QUT News