Leaders from both sides of politics have been through an angry 24 hours.

The Government’s push for greater equity from mining operations was the centre of attention in Tasmania but it was a coalition performance in Canberra which drew most scrutiny.

Kendall Gilding reports.

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Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey promised tough decisions in his budget reply speech to the National Press Club.

However he failed to clearly identify where a predicted $47-billion worth of savings would come from.

Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer: “I’m not seeking to be popular, I’m seeking to do what’s right for the country.”

He admitted later that providing media with the relevant documents before his address would have served him better.

Meanwhile, Kevin Rudd was in Tasmania for a community Cabinet meeting looking to sell his Super Profits Mining Tax just hours after Fortescue Metals put $17-billion worth of projects on hold.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “The Australian Community at large because they own this resource actually deserve a fairer share.”

Meanwhile, Julia Gillard has received a far from warm welcome in Cairns as protesters were out in force.

The activists are blaming Labor’s economic stimulus package for dozens of job loses in the electrical industry.

Local Labor member Jim Turner was at the forefront of the heated debate as he tried to talk with protesters.

The Labor government denies claims its stimulus caused job losses.

Kendall Gilding, QUT News