A new book claims an inquest into the crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed was riddled with corruption.

Queensland author John Morgan says the driver wasn’t actually drunk at all.

Jessica Seittenranta reports.

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Part three in the Diana Inquest series, the book’s focus is on whether Henri Paul, driver of the crashed Mercedes, was drunk at the time.

It claims blood samples used as evidence were false, and the driver was sober.

John Morgan, Author: “The question is how do you get a sober driver to register a blood alcohol concentration of one pont seven four? And I suggest that one way is to test blood samples from a different body.”

Morgan hopes his research will bring to light all the information which he says was left out of the investigations.

John Morgan, Author: “It’s just a total miscarriage of justice, so that’s my mission really, is to try and right what is a huge injustice.”

Mohamed Al-Fayed has two legal cases underway in France and hopes to reopen the French inquiry into the crash.

Michael Cole, Al Fayed Spokesman: “Vital documents which would have made a great deal of difference were not made available to it, they were suppressed in Britain, including a note made by the Princess’s personal lawyer, a man called Lord Mishcon.”

Al-Fayed has read Morgan’s books and says they’re an important body of evidence people can go to, to find out what really happened to his son.

Michael Cole, Al Fayed Spokesman: “The case of course, it’s never going to bring Diana and Dodi back, of course it won’t, we can’t hope for that, but it’s inevitable people are going to be still wondering about this case, even a hundred years from now.”

Jessica Seittenranta, QUT News