Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s remarks on national television that he doesn’t always tell the “gospel truth” in the heat of political battle have caused a stir in federal politics.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd chose not enter into the debate in Brisbane today leaving it for Tony Abbott to explain that political honesty is not something taken for granted.

Tony Reeves reports.

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The Prime Minister chose a low key approach to the issue today.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “I think it’s simply a matter for Mr Abbott to explain what he meant by his remarks last night as for me I’m getting on with governing the country.”

The Prime Minister was at the opening of a school library built with Federal Government stimulus money in Graceville in the marginal labor seat of Moreton.

He was more interested talking about the school library.

While Tony Abbott’s comments have seen government members line-up to attack his remarks. The general public appears to be unsurprised by the revelation with some finding his honesty on the subject refreshing.”

Vox one: “I think it’s refreshing to see a politician being honest about the way about politicians work.”

Vox two: “Every politician lies they have to lie to get their point across.”

Vox three: “Not suprising at all they all do it.”

It was one of the few times the PM left the attacking to someone else.

Tony Reeves, QUT News