The Brisbane Lions are hoping to bounce back after Saturday’s crippling defeat at the hands of Geelong.

The team’s using an eight day break to fully rest up before taking on Adelaide.

Jessica Seittenranta reports.

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After a great start to the AFL season, the Lions are struggling last weekend’s home-ground mauling their lowest point.

Coach Michael Voss agrees his team was pounced on by the Cats’ superb gameplay.

Michael Voss, Lions Coach: “Their kicking efficiency I thought was just absolutely outstanding so whether that was lack of pressure from us or just fantastic work from Geelong, I think there might have been a little bit of both there.”

Despite the final scoreboard showing a whopping 81 point deficit, Voss says the Lions made a good effort.

Michael Voss, Lions Coach: “As strange as it might seem, I actually thought that we made some ground in certain areas, it’s just that the way Geelong, you know, they don’t give you a look in the game, if they just give you small chances they highlight those small chances.”

While the team’s not sure what to expect when they face Adelaide next Sunday, they’re hoping they can break their four game losing streak.

The coach hopes the week-long break will give the injured players – and the team – a chance to recover, both physically and mentally.

Jessica Seittenranta, QUT News