Prime Minster Kevin Rudd has received a rapturous reception from unionists at a meeting of the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union in Brisbane.

Mr Rudd again defended his Mining Super profits tax, while doing his best to dismantle Tony Abbott’s credentials.

Lara Hill reports.

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Kevin Rudd received what could only be described as rock star treatment at today’s LHMU conference.

The PM enjoyed praise, a standing ovation and even a hot cuppa from union delegates, as he took to the stage to promote the federal budget.

Union workers, employed in industries such as child care and hospitality, are among the lowest paid in Australia.

With this week’s federal budget focusing on superannuation improvements for low income earners, it was no wonder the PM was all smiles.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “A budget which is about building a strong economy but also about delivering a fairer Australia.”

Mr Rudd didn’t miss the opportunity to discredit federal opposition leader Tony Abbott, who last night presented his Budget-in-reply speech.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minster: “What I’d say having listened to Mr Abbott’s speech last night was that it was all negative with not a single positive plan for the future.”

After Thursday’s budget reply it’s become obvious that the Mining Super profits tax will be high on the agenda for both parties in the upcoming campaign.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “By this budget’s bizarre logic, putting a new tax on cigarettes means less smoking but putting a new tax on resources somehow means more mining.”

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “It is very very practical, we want a fairer share of the super profits earned by our most profitable mining companies to come back and be invested in the infrastructure.”

Despite plummeting opinion poll numbers, My Rudd says his budget will be good for Australia’s long term future.

Lara Hill, QUT News