Queensland learner drivers will be provided with a free extra driving lesson through a new road safety program launched in Brisbane.

It’s hoped the Keys To Drive program will reduce the high crash risk among young drivers.

Stephanie Bourke reports.

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The Keys to Drive program was developed by the Australian Automobile Association. It will teach learner drivers how to be P plate ready.

The scheme is aimed at fostering a relationship between learner drivers and their supervisors under the guidance of an accredited driving instructor.

Karen Smith, Program Director: “At the moment we’re teaching our kids by “do as I say”. So that’s like little Mary do this, do that, turn here, go there. What this program is about is finding your own way.”

With drivers under the age of twenty-five twice as likely to have a fatal accident, it’s hoped this program will improve driver safety.

Richard Pietsch, RACQ President: “The representation of young people is far greater than their percentage wise in the community, it’s almost double. and we just don’t want to see more young lives lost.”

It’s hoped the program will stop some young people developing dangerous driving habits.

Graham Perrett MP, Moreton: “It’s not just some theory or some bloke up on a stage. It’s actually when your behind the wheel, before you’re given the keys, your thinking pattern will be right.”

The scheme also brings elements of the P plate experience into the learning phase.

Josh Crane, Learner Driver: “I think it’s really good because it really prepares you for risks you might have to take when you’re actually driving on your P plates, like getting used to having your friends in the car, loud music and everything like that.”

The program is available for all new learner drivers.

Stephanie Bourke, QUT News