The skies over Redcliffe are set to be bristling with colour when the annual Kitefest kicks off tomorrow.

The festival welcomes back a very special Japanese kite making master.

Ashley Miller reports.

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It’s an art as old as the wind.

Kite flying is alive and well in Redcliffe as Pelican Park gears up to host the sixth annual Kitefest the weekend.

Appearing for the third time will be popular Japanese Kite making master Mikio Toki, who has been making the colourful creations for over thirty five years.

And he’s emphasised the importance of passing on traditional kite making skills.

Mikio Toki, Kite Master: “I want to keep tradition, and tell them, the children, and the children grow up and be adults that they will very much like flying kite.”

Japanese students from Grace Lutheran College had the chance to attend a kite making workshop with the master each making their own colourful creation.

They were out displaying their flying works of art for student’s day.

Ken Hutchinson, Head of Languages Grace Lutheran College: “Yeah they’re having a ball and as you can see the quality of kites reflects the effort that they’ve put into the engagement that they show towards language studies.”

The weekend event attracts kite makers from all over the country who say kite flying is one of the most relaxing of pastimes.

Kevin Sanders, Kite Designer: “I find they’re really relaxing when you’re actually up there flying, you’re not focusing on any of your day to day problems or anything like that.”

Mr Toki’s masterpieces, like these traditional designs, will join dozens of kites taking to the skies over the course of the weekend.

The kitefest will include a range of local stalls and activities to entertain the family.

Ashley Miller, QUT News