A passionate Prime Minister or one losing his cool? Kevin Rudd’s leadership has come under question after an angry outburst on National Television.

With the opposition set to announce its budget reply the pressure is on the party meant to be in control.

Emma Pickworth reports.

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This week’s Budget announcement did not help Kevin Rudd’s popularity in the poles, while an outburst last night may have lost the Prime Minister even more mates.

A visibly angry Mr Rudd has been accused of “losing it” when he reacted to Kerry O’Brien’s questions regarding his climate change decisions.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “Now it might be easy for you to sit in 7.30 report land and say that was easy to do, let me tell you mate, it wasn’t. I am absolutely passionate about acting on climate change. We’ve been frustrated domestically, politically, frustrated internationally by the lack of progress there, but we will not be deterred.”

While his colleagues say the Prime Minister is still in control.

Off camera question: “Has Kevin Rudd lost it..?”

Labour MP: “No.”

The opposition begs to differ.

Andrew Robb, Shadow Finance Minister: “The Prime Minister is starting to lose it and the Budget reflects that.”

The budget’s super profits mining tax is the latest in a series of Government policies to come under attack.

Ian Macfarlane, Liberal Frontbencher: “”This mining super tax is gradually killing the future of the Australian mining industry.”

Rio Tinto could be one of the first to go, confirming all new projects in Australia are on hold.

Tom Albanese, CEO Rio Tinto: “Unfortunately Australian policy makers will risk derailing their mining industry if their not careful.”

The opposition will be tested tonight when Tony Abbott makes his budget reply.

Lindsay Tanner, Finance Minister: “Tonight is put up or shut up time, tonight is where he has to put his money where his mouth is.”

Supporters are confident, a more relaxed Opposition leader will do just that.

Emma Pickworth, QUT News