The seasonal flu vaccine shortage is expected to worsen with some pharmacies unable to receive stock from their usual supplier until next year.

Those in key risk categories can still get vaccinated by their GP, but others may miss out.

Stephanie Bourke reports.

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As the weather gets colder across the country, pharmacists aren’t able to keep up with the unprecedented demand for the seasonal flu vaccine.

Daniel Searle, Pharmacist: “There is a concern that we won’t be able to supply it for the rest of the year.”

It’s reported that the usual pharmacy supplier, CSL, won’t be able to deliver stock until next February.

With a backlog of scripts piling up pharmacists are hoping they’ll be able to receive stock from another supplier.

But delays are still expected.

Daniel Searle, Pharmacist: “It could be the end of May, it could be a couple of weeks after that.”

A shipment of vaccines from European suppliers have been set back by the aftermath of the Icelandic volcano eruption.

It’s hoped that shipment will arrive in less than two weeks.

But the Australian Medical Association says it’s not good enough.

Dr Andrew Lavender, AMA: “Obviously we would like to have enough supply that everyone who wants to get vaccinated can be vaccinated.”

Stephanie Bourke, QUT News