Early morning fog covered the city this morning causing delays of three-quarters of an hour at Brisbane airport.

The fog – which blanketed areas from Ipswich to the city’s north-east – comes after last night’s thunderstorms and overnight winds which maintained moisture levels.

Amy Hutchinson reports.

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Commuters this morning drove through blankets of thick fog.

In parts, visibility was less than one hundred metres in the south-east corner.

Eventually skies cleared and the day became a little warmer, at twenty five degrees – but we’ll soon be reaching for our winter coats.

The Bureau of Meteorology says we should expect it to get much colder in the next few days.

And in a sign of things to come… snow has descended on Victoria’s Mt Hotham and Falls Creek.

Hotham recording a low of minus five.

Ski enthusiasts will be pleased to know the ski-friendly levels of snow are predicted from mid June with the heaviest falls expected to happen in July.

Amy Hutchinson, QUT News