The countdown is on with just four days until Queenslanders can take a closer look at the new gateway bridge.

While everyone’s interests have been focused on the bridge itself, the real activity is happening down below.

Emma Pickworth reports.

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As part of an environmental initiative a dedicated “green space” is in construction under both gateway bridges.

Queensland Motorways say the bridge was designed with the environment in mind, and the rainwater running off it will not be wasted.

David Wright, General Manager Gateway Upgrade Project: “We capture all the water that comes off the bridge, pick it up in channels, take it to both abutments where it’s purified, taken down through sedimentation basins and filtered across grass areas.”

The Queensport Rocks Park will be a space for the community with parking, picnic benches and a natural amphitheater.

Di Farmer, Member for Bulimba: “It’s going to be a really wonderful asset to the community, it provides some, a whole area of green space which isn’t really readily available in our local community.”

In keeping with the green theme the Main Roads Minister says vehicles won’t be the only users of the new bridge.

Craig Wallace, Main Roads Minister: “Be able to walk across it and also, we’ll have brand new cycle tracks in place linking north and south for the first time ever, so if you want you can jump on your pushbike and ride across, we should have our brand new tracks open by June.”

While the park is not due to open until the end of the year, thousands of people are expected walk across the gateway duplicate bridge this Sunday, before it’s opening later this month.

Organisers are trying to ensure the safety of everyone involved in Sunday’s bridge walk and urge participants to register their details online.

Emma Pickworth, QUT News