Queensland’s hugely successful “Best Job in the World” Campaign has just got better!

A six-part TV series starts tomorrow night on the National Geographic channel to a global audience.

Elke Byrne reports.

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The series documents Ben Southall’s entire “Best Job” adventure.

Ben says it’s an opportunity to share his Barrier Reef experiences with the world.

Ben Southall, Tourism Queensland Ambassador: “It’s an amazing place and a unique environment and to get those images thrown around the world just hopefully makes people that little bit jealous so that they come out, and they want to come to Queensland and do the same sort of things that I’ve been doing.”

And Ben’s whirlwind life hasn’t stopped yet.

Since hanging up his best job in the world wetsuit, Ben has travelled to the UK, US, China, Japan and the Middle East on a global mission to show sunny Queensland to the world.

Tourism Minister Peter Lawlor says the TV series scores another goal in what is already an internationally-acclaimed campaign.

Peter Lawlor, Queensland Tourism Minister: “It’s estimated that it’s produced over four-hundred million dollars worth of publicity for Queensland Tourism and that is a phenomenal success for a campaign that only cost a couple of million.”

But wait… there’s more!

Anthony Hayes, Tourism Queensland CEO: “We’ve got another big idea that we’re working on now that we’re looking to launch in the second half of the financial year. But we haven’t finished milking this one yet, this has got so much more to run.”

Elke Byrne, QUT News