Queensland’s home of Rugby has been given the green light for a major overhaul.

Ballymore stadium will receive a plethora of new features, but there are concerns about what this will mean for nearby residents.

Ashley Miller reports.

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The multi-million dollar development plans were approved last night by Brisbane City Council.

They include a new stand, an additional playing field, a community swimming pool and gymnasium.

At this stage there’s no date on when – or even if – the massive building project will go ahead.

Despite development plans for a more community based facility, Ballymore residents are concerned the peace will be disturbed.

In particular, by increased traffic and parking snarls as a result of the re-vamp.

Vox 1: “Well, I think the residents are disadvantaged because Ballymore’s hardly used at the moment so they’ve had a pretty quiet life already, so to change it would be a big impact to them.”

Vox 2: “You go to more parking on the streets now, you don’t want extra additives you know parking in no parking zones and things like that so they’d have to sort out something for parking.”

Vox 3: “Parking is very, very difficult. It’s a very critical issue.”

Residents also argue the proposed plans don’t address perennial flooding problems in the area.

Council’s defended their approval decision saying less than 15 per cent of the 1,439 submissions received were against the proposed upgrades.

The plan seeks to breathe new life into the grounds, which has hosted just one interstate rugby match so far this year.

Ashley Miller, QUT News.