Hundreds of volunteers are being honoured for their time and effort as part of National Volunteering Week celebrations.

The Queensland Police and Community Services Department found a perfect way to thank them.

Shitika Anand reports.

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There was cake, smiles and lots of “gratefulness” in the air.

The Police Minister and his commissioner acknowledged the important work of Volunteers in Policing or ViP today.

Neil Roberts says Queensland Police rely on the support of the 270 volunteers, supporting victims of crime and educating the community.

Neil Roberts, Police Minister: “Every little piece of support is useful, no matter what it is or which organisation. Please volunteer. It makes the community safer and a better place to live.”

Queensland has one of the highest volunteer participation rates at 38 per cent.

The latest figures show that 5.2-million people Australia wide are involved in voluntary work contributing seven hundred million hours of their time per year.

The Commissioner says the police department and the government can’t do everything for the community.

Bob Atkinson, Qld Police Commissioner: “They are true volunteers, they do this without any pay or remuneration. And they do this to help us make the community safe. And we are very grateful to them.”

Karen Struthers, Community Service and Housing Minister: “On the beaches, in the sporting field, in the hospitals, in schools, there are volunteers active. And it’s our day today to say a big thank you and this week we want to acknowledge their efforts.”

Volunteers were thanked with other morning teas across the state.

Shitika Anand, QUT News.