Transit lane cheaters should be checking their mirrors after the launch of a harsh crackdown on high occupancy lanes this morning.

The blitz is the Government’s latest attempt to ease Brisbane’s traffic woes and, despite accusations of revenue raising, commuters are optimistic.

Bridget Backhaus reports.

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Transport inspectors have been granted new powers as part of the escalating fight against congestion on our roads.

In an attempt to catch illegal transit and bus lane occupants, transport inspectors can now pull over vehicles and issue on-the-spot fines of up to one hundred dollars.

Craig Wallace, Acting Minister for Transport: “From today, people doing the wrong thing, occupying high occupancy lanes, like transit or bus lanes, will be fined if they’re doing the wrong thing.”

The LNP says it’s just a revenue raising scheme but the State government says it will free up police to focus on more pressing traffic issues such as speed and drink driving.

The six month program is attracting largely positive reaction from commuters. Most are glad the Government is doing something to get traffic moving.

Vox One: “I imagine if you did crackdown on the people using it illegally it would make a difference.”

Vox Two: “I think it’s good that they crackdown and free it up for people who actually do have two people in their car.”

Vox Three: “We use the T2 when I’ve got the kids in the car but I don’t use it when it’s just myself in the car and there’s a reason for that.”

Transport Inspectors will be out in force on Waterworks Road and the Pacific Motorway this week, with the Valley and Kelvin Grove named as future targets for the blitz.

Bridget Backhaus, QUT News