The AFL’s two newest teams have got together to exchange ideas on the Gold Coast.

Greater Western Sydney coach Kevin Sheedy says he’ll be scouring the world to find the best talent for his side.

Emma Pickworth reports.

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Kevin Sheedy is looking forward to Karmichael Hunt’s AFL debut.

Kevin Sheedy, Greater Western Sydney Coach: “He’s a player that played AFL and we lost him so it’s a fantastic effort by the Gold Coast to get him back… into our AFL game.”

Despite his belief in developing younger players, Kevin Sheedy believes there is a growing trend to “code hop” in sport.

Kevin Sheedy, Greater Western Sydney Coach: “I think that is probably where sport is going to go in the next decade or two that if you’ve got a talent try and get the best out of it for your family, no matter what.”

While the rest of the AFL ponders poaching rugby league players Kevin Sheedy has bigger dreams.

Kevin Sheedy, Greater Western Sydney Coach: “If we can find a terrific player from Fiji or India or anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, a boy from Samoa, if that’s the case and he can play we’ll be looking at him.”

Guy McKenna is proud to coach the Gold Coast team and be a part of AFL’s 17th team.

Guy McKenna, Gold Coast Coach: “It’s fantastic, it’s actually something I’m very proud of, I’ve actually done something that Kevin hasn’t given he’s a lot older than me, coached in so many years and won premierships and all those things I haven’t done but am aspiring to do.”

Kevin Sheedy is pleased with the Gold Coast development and says the work being done is tremendous for AFL.

Kevin Sheedy, Greater Western Sydney Coach: “It’s a step in the absolute best direction. Better than what was done in the mid 80s.”

But the supercoach is having trouble letting go of the past.

Kevin Sheedy, Greater Western Sydney Coach: “…and hopefully Essendon… sorry GWS.”

Emma Pickworth, QUT News