Pressure continues for the Bligh Government as the Queensland mining industry continues its call for changes to be made in the Federal Government’s proposed tax reforms.

Concerns are becoming more widespread over the ramifications the proposals could have on employment figures.

Sacha Passi reports.

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The Premier was at the Princess Alexandra Hospital today for the celebration of the PA’s new Helicopter launch pad.

But the topic of the mining industries proposed 40 per cent super profits tax wasn’t far away as mining industry experts put pressure on Anna Bligh to make changes to reforms.

Michael Roche, Queensland Resource Council: “One hundred billion dollars worth of projects equals tens of thousands of direct jobs and many more besides with the indirect effects.”

The QRC says prime Minister Rudds proposed super profits tax will put one hundred billion dollars worth of Queensland mining projects at risk.

A situation which the Premier claims must be averted.

Anna Bligh, Premier: “If we don’t get every part of this tax package right, and I think we can get it right, but if we don’t it will not only impact on jobs in Queensland but jobs around the country.”

Ms Bligh says some aspects of the package need reworking and will discuss this with Mr Roche when they meet this evening.

The Federal Government continues to defend its proposed tax reforms after today’s Nielson poll shows a majority of people oppose the super tax.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “Those investments in cutting tax for all companies investing in superannuation were dependent upon the revenues that flowed from the resource super profits tax and the passage through the parliament.”

The Treasurer says the Rudd Government is taking important measures to ensure profits from Australia’s booming mining industry are spread more smoothly across the Australian economy.

Sacha Passi, QUT News.