The Australian Education Union has lifted its boycott of the NAPLAN tests after reaching an agreement with Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard.

The decision comes just in time with the national literacy and numeracy tests being held next week.

Martin Cambridge reports.

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Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised to involve the union in discussions to improve the controversial my school website.

Queensland Teachers’ Union President Steve Ryan said it’s a great result.

Steve Ryan, President of the Queensland Teachers’ Union: “What we’ve got here is a positive outcome and I think a breakthrough in terms of federal relationships between unions and the government.”

Mr Ryan said the Union wants the MySchool website to become more accurate so that unfair comparisons can’t be made between schools and students.

Steve Ryan, President of the Queensland Teachers’ Union: “To judge a school or a student for that matter and their progress on a NAPLAN test is just ludicrous.”

Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek has called for Premier Anna Bligh to sack Health Minster Paul Lucas after thousands of hospital staff again failed to receive their correct pay.

John Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “I look forward to the Premier eye balling him and saying you have let Queenslanders down. You’ve let everyone down with your attempts to sort out the payroll fiasco and you should go. You should resign. You should leave.”

There are now 35,000 wage anomalies for Queensland Health to resolve.

Martin Cambridge, QUT News