Small businesses across Australia are being urged to save money by becoming more environmentally friendly.

Sensis has developed an information book to help all business types reduce their carbon footprint.

Jacqueline McWha reports.

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Making your business more environmentally friendly is now easier for all small business owners.

The Sensis small business, big opportunities book aims to give businesses a helping hand.

Jon Dee, Author: “We can’t expect them to have the environmental knowledge necessary to make their buisnesses more efficient and more productive in a way that will improve their bottom line and help the environment.”

Australia’s two million small businesses are being urged to think about the little things like having energy efficient light bulbs, recycling, having green vehicles and emailing instead of mailing letters.

Instead of costing money, being environmentally friendly will MAKE businesses money in the long run.

Jon Dee, Author: “The simple fact is, if we have any hope of becoming a more sustainable society businesses have to find ways to do more with less

Small business are already trying to reduce their carbon footprint to help make their businesses more sustainable in the future.

Executive Chef at Brett’s Wharf, Alastair McLeod, says they make simple meals from local products which haven’t used a large carbon footprint to get the restaurant.

It also gives him a more personal relationship with his suppliers.

Alistair McLeod, Brett’s Wharf: “I like to know their first name, I like to know their kids name, I like to know their favourite colour, I like to know what they like to drink, it means more to me.”

The free book is available on the Sensis website.

Jacqueline McWha, QUT News