The Australian Cavy Sanctuary at Cashmere has made a desperate appeal for help.

Ninety guinea pigs arrived at the sanctuary which is already at maximum capacity.

Tess Stolarchuk reports.

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Currently home to 200 guinea pigs the not-for-profit Australian Cavy Sanctuary has no room left for the latest arrivals.

Leaving Sanctuary volunteers fighting to avoid drastic measures.

Jessica Proietti, Founder Australian Cavy Sanctuary: “Basically until this day we’ve had a non-euthanasia policy you know we try to treat every guinea pig that comes in to our care.”

This is a repeat of a situation from just 12 months ago when the sanctuary faced a similar problem when over 100 guinea pigs landed on their door step at once. Now as then, new foster homes need to be found urgently.

Past foster carers have found adopting a guinea pig to be a joyful experience.

Maureen Petersen, Guinea pig foster carer: “Oh guinea pigs are great look at these two their absolutely stunning they are just very cuddly they’re a great pet for de-stressing you can sit and pat them.”

The organisation is equipped with cages and supplies that can be loaned out to new carers.

Monetary donations are needed to meet feed, bedding and medical bills which are set to double.

New foster carers at the sanctuary were excited to take home their new pets.

Vox one: “We don’t have really much room for a dog or a cat so we found that the guinea pig was just perfect, great size you don’t need a lot of room for them but we just find them a very loving animal.”

Vox two: “They’re soft and they’re adorable and they’re not vicious like dogs or cats.”

Tess Stolarchuk, QUT News