Brisbane residents will experience improved recycling opportunities as part of the Lord Mayor’s plan to make Brisbane the most sustainable city in Australia.

Super sized recycling bins will be on our streets before the end of the month.

Jade Mudri reports.

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Giant recycling bins and three new green trucks were revealed today as part of the Brisbane City Council’s commitment to reduce landfill.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman believes the new services will encourage Brisbane residents to recycle.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “They’re all to the purpose of reducing waste to landfill and we ask people in Brisbane to get on board with us.”

The new recycling bins can carry 340 litres of recyclables, 100 litres more than the current bin.

The trucks include one for recyclables, one for green waste and one for general waste to prevent the overfill of recyclables.

It’s estimated they will save about 270,000 kilometres per year by making fewer trips to transfer stations.

About 30 per cent of general waste that goes into landfill could have been recycled. The Council’s new Brisbane Tip Shop at Acacia Ridge will sell almost-new items rescued from landfill to the public.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “I’m absolutely blown away by what people are throwing out and I think that this is perhaps long overdue.”

All profits from the Tip Shop will go to the Endeavour Foundation.

Jade Mudri, QUT News