Queensland Teachers Union will go ahead with plans to boycott next weeks NAPLAN literacy and numeracy tests.

The boycott is illegal as it goes against the orders of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Joshua Brockbank reports.

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QTU President Steve Ryan says 85 per cent of the union’s members are in favour of keeping the NAPLAN boycott in place.

He believes next week’s tests will have to be postponed.

Steve Ryan, QTU President: “The reality is that they wont have to walk out of any classrooms cause there wont be anyone else to there to take their place.”

Mr Ryan says the issues with the NAPLAN tests aren’t something that can be solved at a state level.

He says all state unions want the same changes made to the My Schools website.

Steve Ryan, QTU President: “You need to understand for any movement to be made here it will have to be made nationally.”

Mr Ryan is confident Queensland schools won’t be able to go ahead with the NAPLAN tests and for that reason neither will the other states.

The Union says without a hundred per cent participation by schools, any results in the tests will be invalid.

Defying the Queensland Industrial Relations Commissions order to administer the NAPLAN tests could cost the QTU up to one hundred thousand dollars in fines.

Joshua Brockbank, QUT News.