Queensland medical student David Coker has been commended for his bravery in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.

The 25-year-old was honoured by the Queensland Governor after rescuing his girlfriend from gunfire.

Martin Cambridge reports.

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David Coker was awarded the commendation for brave conduct today, for his actions in the Mumbai bombings which killed more than one hundred and sixty people.

He was celebrating graduating from a law degree with girlfriend Katie Anstee when gunmen opened fire on the cafe they were in.

Mr Coker has been hailed a hero for returning into the gunfire to rescue Katie after she was shot.

David Coker, Commendation for Brave Conduct: “I just turned around at the door and expected Katie to be there. That was very sub-conscious. I just turned around and went back for her.”

He said he was humbled by the award and that he and Katie try to think about the positive side of such a tragedy.

David Coker, Commendation for Brave Conduct: “That’s the lasting impression both of us have. It wasn’t that we were unlucky, it was that we were incredibly fortunate in everything that happened.”

Katie Anstee spent a total of seventeen days in hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to her leg. She says she owes her life to David.

Katie Anstee, Blast Survivor: “He saved my life. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for what Dave did.”

The award came as Mohammad Ajmal Kasab became the first man convicted for his involvement in the Mumbai attacks yesterday.

Fellow Queenslander Matthew Hayden was also honoured – appointed a member of the Order of Australia for his services to cricket and the community.

Hayden was overcome with emotion after being reunited with his family.

Matthew Hayden, Order of Australia recipient: “Been away for two months… a long time.”

Hayden said it was an honour to win the award.

Matthew Hayden, Order of Australia recipient: “The true heroes are the guys you’ve interviewed today. The guys that saved peoples lives, the professors of science, the fire brigade, the police service.”

Martin Cambridge, QUT News