A documentary about one of World War Two’s most significant battles has just been released.

The Battle of the Coral Sea: Lest we Forget hopes to raise public awareness.

Wendy Fung reports.

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It was the largest naval battle ever fought off Australian shores.

From the 4th to the 8th of May veterans remember the battle of the Coral Sea which resulted in the first failed Japanese mission of the war.

Dr David Stevens, Naval Historian: “What the Japanese were trying to do was to control the waters around Australia and prevent Australia being supplied from America.

Since 1946, the battle has been remembered with annual marches but veterans believe a memorial should be built on The Coral Sea site.

The six-day battle involved the use of aircraft carriers and the sunken ships are still lying on the ocean floor.

Environmental organisations are campaigning to save the Coral Sea ecosystem and its precious marine life.

More than sixty nationally threatened and protected species – including reef fish and blue whales – live there.

Nicola Temple, Australian Marine Conservation Society: “This is absolutely essential that we let our Government know that we want our oceans to be protected and create an ocean legacy for future generations.

Already, more than 25,000 people have joined the online ‘Protect our Coral Sea’ campaign.

The new documentary is also available online.

Wendy Fung, QUT News