Queensland mining magnate, Clive Palmer, has continued a scathing attack on the federal government’s new tax on the mining and energy sectors.

The tax, which was recommended by the Henry revue, will increase the energy and mining industries’ taxes to 40 per cent.

Louise Morton reports.

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Mr Palmer says the government shouldn’t put a tax on an industry that supports so many Australian families.

Clive Palmer, Mining Magnate: “If Wayne Swann hates me or he hates people who’ve got money, who’ve worked hard to get it, tax us but don’t tax all of the workers who have to work for us and mess up their futures and careers.”

Industry leaders are concerned the government hasn’t done enough research before increasing the tax, which they claim will lead to a loss of jobs and a drop in mining projects.

Michael Roche, CEO Queensland Resources Council: “We think that perhaps based on our modelling the computer might say no to certain projects, that’s the worry.”

Currently, the mineral and energy sector in Queensland is responsible for one in every eight jobs and generates over 20 per cent of the state’s gross product and there are increasing fears that the tax will reduce the sector’s productivity, sending projects overseas.

But environmental campaigners don’t mind.

Drew Hutton, Veteran Environmental Campaigner: “Let them go overseas! I don’t mind. What I suspect though is it will not be a heavy enough tax to warrant them doing anything like that.”

The Queensland government says it won’t allow the state’s mining industry to be threatened by the new tax, which, according to those opposed to it, will cut jobs and reduce investments in the mining sector.

The money raised from the increased tax will go towards raising compulsory superannuation contribution from 9 to 12 per cent.

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister: “This government is rock solid on the question of delivering better super for all working families in Australia.”

Louise Morton, QUT News