Australian Honours and Bravery Awards have been presented to twenty-three Queenslanders at a ceremony at Government House.

The Investiture Ceremony recognised outstanding field achievements and services to the public.

Jade Mudri reports.

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Governor of Queensland Penelope Wensley honoured five Australians today for acts of bravery.

Senior Constable Trent Charles Elliott and Senior Constable Troy Anthony Hamilton were awarded bravery medals for rescuing a man during riots at Coolangatta in January 2008.

Troy Hamilton, Senior Constable: “Didn’t really have time to think, it was just something we reacted to. Someone came up to us asking for help and we just reacted. Didn’t really think about it I suppose at the time.”

The officers were attacked by the mob as they tried to rescue the man from the riots. But they fought back and managed to pull him to safety.

Trent Elliott, Senior Constable: “I feel humbled and proud, but at the same time I think there’s a lot of people out there that would’ve done the same thing.”

A Commendation for Brave Conduct was awarded to Leading Aircraftwoman Jacqueline Lisan Clark who rescued a boy from drowning at Springfield Lakes in 2007.

Although unable to swim, she dived into the lake when she saw the boy fall into the water.

Jacqueline Clark, Leading Aircraftwoman: “It’s just given me a little kick that I should learn how to swim.”

Cameron James Wilson was also recognised after searching for the occupants of a car which plunged into the Nerang River in 2008.

Cameron Wilson: “It’s instinct. You just did it.”

Federal Agent Paul Andrew Johnstone rescued a child from the path of an oncoming vehicle while holidaying in Japan in 2005.

Paul Johnstone, Federal Agent: “To me it wasn’t a huge thing I’d done. I would hope that anybody would do that. If my little boy ran onto the path of an oncoming car, I’d hope to think that somebody would try to save him too, or protect him.”

More awards will be held during the week.

Jade Mudri, QUT News