The battle to claim which country has the world’s tallest horse has come to Gatton.

Noddy has returned to his home state of Queensland as the star of Australia’s premier heavy horse show.

Krystal Marley reports.

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Luscombe Nodram is the tallest horse in the world and he ought to come with his own ladder.

The gentle giant is currently on tour with his owner Jane Greenman, and today settled in at the Gatton Equestrian Centre, west of Brisbane.

At seven years old, he towers at an impressive 2.5-metres tall.

Jane Greenman, Owner: “He was born normal size so we had no idea he was going to grow to the height he is, he was supposed to be a working horse on my farm and he just kept growing, obviously he had another agenda!”

Called Noddy for short, and that’s all that’s short about him, he weighs in at 1.5 tonnes, or three times the average thoroughbred racehorse.

Jane says Noddy is so tall all his gear is specially made, with horse rugs more like circus tents.

And she says talk of another horse in the US, Big Jake, being the tallest in the world, is nonsense.

Jane Greenman, Owner: “I believe there are some big horses in the USA, over the last two years I’ve heard of seven worlds tallest horses, but Noddy’s registered with the WRA as the world’s tallest horse.

Held for more more than 30 years, the National Field Day caters for heavy horses, Noddy may not be the heaviest but he certainly is the tallest.

“I think people should come and see Noddy and get a real idea of what a good shire horse is about.”

And he doesn’t seem to shy from the spotlight.

Krystal Marley, QUT News