Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek says under his leadership the state would not be for sale.

He made his comments at a business leaders luncheon in Brisbane today.

Vanessa Fuchs reports.

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After 12-months in office for the Bligh government the leader of the LNP was keen to get his vision for Queensland across to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.

Mr Langbroek said following the global financial crisis the state had been forced to face skyrocketing debt, higher taxes and plummeting performance.

He says the economy ranks second last of all Australian states and Labor’s tax take has grown at four times the rate of population growth.

John Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “The treasurer of Queensland is wrong when he tells us there is no alternative to asset sales of higher taxes, there is another way, the LNP way.”

Mr Langbroek says their focus is on managing government resources to maximise sustained growth in the economy to generate income.

He says the $15-billion asset sell off would be stopped under an LNP government.

John Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “We’re only anti privatisation when, in this case, it’s not actually true privatisation, which is about providing services that the government sector won’t provide, but doing it more efficiently.”

Businesses across the state say they’re facing the challenge of understanding the uncertainty of the current business environment and welcomed Mr Langbroek’s approach.

Vox one: “I think he was very articulate, I think he had a vision for the future and I think if he can get his message out there he’ll create an alternative, so it’ll be good.”

With state elections due in 2012, the issues of inadequate infrastructure investment, population growth and health services will also be at the forefront of shaping future policy.

Vanessa Fuchs, QUT News