Metals, timber, rivets, and wire – you’d expect to find them on a building site, but not on a fashion runway!

“Wearable Architecture” showcased the creative talent of QUT students.

Krystal Marley reports.

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Is it possible to “wear” a building? It is if you’re studying architecture at QUT.

Students were asked to use building designs to inspire fashion and they rose to the challenge.

Ruhee Moola, Student: “I had chosen a house by John Wandell Architecture which was located in Balnarring in Victoria, and in the house John Wandell had used a lot of layering and so basically I tried to use the layering effect that he had done and sort of interpret it a little bit differently and create a dress out of it.”

Professional fashion designers often look to architecture for ways to construct a new take on volume and structure. A concept students say show them a new way to think about fashion.

Tiffany Lord, Student: “It was really good to see how design and architecture doesn’t have to just be about walls and roofs and windows and that sort of thing, it can be about high fashion.”

Unit Coordinator Lindy Osborne says the project was a roaring success.

Lindy Osborne, Unit Coordinator: “To be honest I was actually quite blown away, the standard was a lot higher than I was hoping for, and the students really did incredibly well.”

And their creative efforts sometimes end up setting an entirely new fashion trend.

Ellie Magee-Jessup, Student: “Mine’s at home on top of my cupboard but it’s going to my mum to become a lampshade!”

Krystal Marley, QUT News