Melbourne Storm’s woes continued today with former club boss, Brian Waldren threatening to oust other salary cappers.

Key players are also being asked to confirm whether they profited from his tricky accounting.

Aidan Caldwell reports.

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There’s still no sign of good news for Melbourne players today.

Cameron Smith, Storm Captain: “John has come into let us know where we stand at the moment and just clear up a few things and the boys got a couple messages that we wanted.”

Storm players are being told they won’t be disciplined as long as they had no knowledge of salary breaches.

Meanwhile, former boss, Brian Waldren has been labelled chief rat and is expected to blow the whistle on other salary cap offenders.

Brian Waldren, Former Storm Boss: “I’d like to say more than I can but I’m under strict legal counsel not to say anything. That’s the situation, I’m not in a position to say anymore and I’d appreciate now you’ve got something to put to air that you leave me be okay?”

Melbourne players are considering salary reductions to come in under the cap for the season.

In the Tennis, Lleyton Hewitt has been fine tuning his skills playing on clay in preparation for next month’s Davis cup.

Coming back from surgery, Hewitt advanced overnight in the Rome Masters with a hard-fought, three-set victory over Russia’s Mikhail Youzhny.

Lleyton Hewitt, Australian No. 1: “It’s hard to come back and time the ball straight away and especially playing the best clay field guys in these big tournaments is no easy matches either.”

Aidan Caldwell, QUT News