The Federal Government has announced it will be delaying the emissions trading scheme until late 2012.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says this gives the Government a better chance to assess the global action on climate change.

Dusk Johnston reports.

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Kevin Rudd is focusing on health and is taking the ETS off his agenda.

The delay will be costly with millions of dollars already put towards the scheme without it coming to fruition.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “Mr Rudd was all talk and no action. Now he won’t even talk about it as well as giving us no action.”

The Government denies the money saved by shelving the scheme won’t be used towards paying off the states in the health deal sweetener.

Wayne Swan, Treasurer: “They don’t reflect monies that might be available to actually fund what we are doing in health at all.”

The Senate has blocked the scheme twice and the Government is not prepared to go to a double dissolution election.

Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change: “Australians do expect their politicians in general to serve for a full term.”

The Greens have accused the Government of caving into opposition pressure.

Bob Brown, Greens Leader: “It’s a prescription for failure. Its a prescription for lost opportunities for our economic and employment future.”

The ETS was the Prime Minister’s biggest election promise and the Opposition says he is scared of making tough decisions.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “He still believes in it, the only difference is that he won’t talk about it before the election.”

The Government remains committed to the scheme and will reassess after the current Kyoto deal expires.

Dusk Johnston, QUT News