The mother of murdered woman Bianca Girven has made an emotional plea for help, to end her family’s nightmare.

Sonia Anderson begged anyone with information about her daughter’s death to speak up.

Jessica Uhlmann reports.

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It was a mother’s cry for closure.

Sonia Anderson, Victim’s Mother: “If you are the person covering. If you are that person who knows something I’m begging of you and I’m pleading of you please call crimestoppers.”

Ms Anderson continues her search for answers after 22 year old Bianca was found strangled at Mount Gravatt last month leaving behind her 16-month old son Ziggy.

Sonia Anderson, Victim’s Mother: “It is an absolute living nightmare. What goes on in your head, your imagination. What might have happened to your beautiful daughter.”

Although the attack happened on March 30th, police are still optimistic people will come forward.

Rod Kemp, Detective Inspector Qld Police: “Quite clearly this is a major investigation and we believe that people do know something out there.”

Tonight, police will return to the last place Bianca was seen, the Moonlight Festival at Orleigh Park , in an attempt to gain more information from festival goers.

Police want to fill in the time from when Bianca arrived at the evening festival and when she was found strangled in her boyfriend’s van.

Sonia Anderson, Victim’s Mother: “We need to know what happened to Bianca. Those three missing hours really are three missing hours.”

Ms Anderson wants to hear any little piece of information about her daughter’s last hours.

Sonia Anderson, Victim’s Mother: “Just come up and tell me you saw her happy. That would mean the world to me if somebody could tell me those words.”

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000).

Jessica Uhlmann, QUT News