Skateboarders in Brisbane’s King George Square are being issued fines larger than speeding motorists.

If caught on wheels in the square the penalty is an on-the-spot $500 fine.

Vanessa Croll reports.

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Although they seem to live in a separate world…

Skateboarders: “Tray flip.” “360 flip.” “Kick flip crooks.” “Front side flip.” “Back side flip.”

Skateboarders believe they aren’t setting out to cause trouble.

David Harris, sponsored skateboarder: “We’ve always been looking out for the general public and stuff like that so we’re not silly.”

But council laws are enforcing skaters to pick up their boards and walk or face a $500 fine.

Dustin Benson, skateboarder: “Not right considering a fine for a speeding ticket that can kill someone we’re just riding a skateboard down the road.”

David Harris, sponsored skateboarder: “If you get one of those fines you’re not going to be able to pay rent, you’re not going to be able to eat properly.”

The laws apply to skaters, rollerbladers and cyclists but not everyone thinks the hefty fine is fair.

Vox one: “Particularly no, I don’t think they’re going to do any damage. I don’t want to get run over by one but the $500 fine’s a bit high.”

For Jack Male, who uses skateboarding as his main source of transport, paying the fine would be tough.

Jack Male, skateboarder: “Fair bit, a lot of money. I work for the wilderness society so that’s probably a full weeks pay if I do well.”

While the fine is more than the $466 for motorists driving more than 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit, council says the rules are in place to protect the community.

In the meantime skateboarders will have to use the designated skate parks, or pay the fine.

Vanessa Croll, QUT News