Anzac Day ceremonies at Queensland schools were sounding a little different today, with the New Zealand national anthem played at the services for the first time.

And it seems the day has never been more important to us.

Nicholas Bolton reports.

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The Anzac tradition continued today at Marist College Ashgrove, as students and staff came together to commemorate the special day.

The moving service was further proof that respect for these heroes is as strong as ever.

Peter McLoughlin, Principal: “I went to school in the 1970s, I would say that the Anzac tradition has a higher level of respect in this present decade than it did when I went to school.”

The significance of Anzac Day is not lost on today’s younger generation either.

Vox one: “We go up with the boarding school at about seven-thirty to march and then we have a service up at Ashgrove.”

On Sunday it’s here at Anzac Square where thousands are expected to pay their respects to the fallen, and it all starts with the dawn service at 4:25am.

Children will again be prevented from walking side-by-side with veterans.

Chris McHuh – CEO Queensland RSL: “They want to focus on the veterans that’s the name of the game is to focus on the veterans and what the veterans did and the families are being asked to march, there’s no problem with them marching, they’re just being asked to march at the back.”

The decision however continues to be criticised.

Vox two: “It’s important that there still is the memory of and representation of these soldiers and the best way to do that I think is through the family.

Up to 20,000 people marched last year, and it’s hoped that number will be doubled this weekend.

Nicholas Bolton, QUT News