Five years ago doctors gave Brisbane cancer patient Suzanne Scott little to no hope of survival after she spent 10 months in a coma.

But thanks to a new revolutionary treatment, she’s now looking forward to getting married.

Fredrik Stromme reports.

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Dr Maher Gandhi had been looking for a way to treat lymphoma type cancers by injecting healthy T-cells for years.

After speaking with scientists in Edinburgh, he returned to Brisbane just in time to save cancer victim Suzannah Scott.

She had been in coma for 10 months and woke up shortly after the new treatment was initiated.

Dr Maher Gandhi, Associate Professor, Princess Alexandra Hospital: “Amazingly, the same day that we gave her the anti lymphoma vaccine, she began to come around and open her eyes, and here we are several years later and she is completely cured.”

It was here at the Princess Alexandra Hospital that Dr Ghandi introduced the T-cell treatment for the first time ever in Queensland.

Dr Ghandi calls the incident a 10 out of 10 medical miracle.

Dr Maher Gandhi, Associate Professor, Princess Alexandra Hospital: “I think we just had to give it a go, I don’t think anyone really thought it would work, it was just a small injection.”

And Suzannah was just as surprised as the doctors.

Suzannah Scott, Cancer survivor: “Oh my goodness. I’m so happy cause there was really nothing else you could say. I felt like I was the most popular person cause I was still alive when I shouldn’t have been.”

Suzanne has now been five years without symptoms and officially declared cancer free.

Her husband to be, Darren Woods, is eternally thankful to the hospital staff who saved her life.

Darren Woods, future Husband: “The treatment that the doctors and the nurses have done for Suzie has just made my life so easy, now I can be with her and spend the rest of my life with her.”

The couple will marry in October, they can now even plan for a family.

Suzanne Scott, Cancer survivor: “I got told I’d never have kids after the cancer and now they said I should be able to.”

Fredrik Stromme, QUT News