The health debacle continues, maintenance staff at Queensland hospitals walked off the job today and say they’ll return only once they’re paid in full.

It comes as the government’s continued with its asset self-off plan, this week the historical Port of Brisbane was put on the market.

Tygar Taylor reports.

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The health fiasco is improving but it’s all a bit too little too late for these workers.

The government is predicting the payroll problems could go on for another eight months.

Julie Bignell, Australian Services Union: “Best case scenario we want the systems errors fixed immediately, we want extra payroll staff trained up and on board to get through this backlog.”

While some medical staff have resorted to taking cheques, others are seeing progress.

Beth Mohle, Queensland Nurses Union: “The number that haven’t received pays or who’ve been under paid in pay-run three has significantly decreased in number.”

But that’s not all the government is under fire for as the $16-billion asset sale continues.

The Port of Brisbane now up for the highest bidder.

The Queensland government says leasing the port of Brisbane would allow them to focus resources on more important issues, like schools, roads and hospitals.

But with Access Economics predicting an extra $11 billion in the State’s budget over the next four years, questions are being raised.

John-Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “Is the debt so great that these assets are still continuing to be sold, is it more lies from Anna Bligh.”

Queensland government says it will continue to hold ownership of the Port’s land and infrastructure.

Tygar Taylor, QUT News