School children from across south-east Queensland have gathered in Anzac Square in Brisbane.

With Anzac Day commemorations happening this Sunday, the students paid their respects to soldiers of war in a special ceremony.

Vanessa Croll reports.

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These are the young minds of our future and today they proved they won’t let the ANZAC spirit fade with time.

Through song, salute and prayer.

More than 3,700 school children listened intently to the moving ceremony.

The Lord Mayor getting their attention with a family war story.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, it was meant to be a surprise attack boys and girls.”

And the leader of the Opposition related to students on their level.

John-Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “When your play station three doesn’t work. When you’re in the long queue at McDonalds. Don’t forget the sacrifice of Australians.”

After the officials laid their wreathes representatives from each school followed.

This Sunday marks the 95th anniversary of Australian and New Zealand troops first touching soil at Anzac Cove in Gallipopli . The memory of soldiers, past and present, remains strong in today’s youth.

Vox 1: “This means a lot to me about, really just remembering all the people who fought for our country.”

Vox 2: “My pop was in the second world war so it’s a good time to reflect.”

Vox 3: “These people meant a lot to us, they fought for us and that’s why we’re here today.”

Vanessa Croll, QUT News.