Farmers came to the city today as part of the 14th annual Rural Discovery Day.

The event gives primary school students an interactive insight to our multi-billion dollar food and cattle industry.

Julia Taylor reports.

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Nearly 500 students attended today’s Rural Discovery Day at the RNA showgrounds.

It’s a chance for farmers to educate Brisbane youth about where their food comes from.

Peter Kenny, Chair Primary Industry Committee: “A lot of kids think milk comes from a bottle or food comes out of a grocery store and that’s as far as they think.”

Mr Kenny says teaching the children about where their meals come from will help them make better decisions about food.

Peter Kenny, Chair Primary Industry Committee: “Particularly today in light of the fact that we have a lot of health problems, that people understand exactly what they eat.”

It was all about making food and education fun through a variety of activities.

Vox One: “I learnt about pineapples, fields, cows.”

Students were able to milk cows.

Vox Two: “I’ve gone to a farm before and I’ve milked cows.”

Play with their food, and get close to the animals.

They even learnt about sustainable farming.

Today’s theme is food, fibre and foliage teaching children about the foods they eat through a hands on experience.

Cattle farmers say sharing their stories may generate interest from future farmers.

Alex O’Neill, Agforce Rural Champion: “I think that just by us communication with young children here some of them might get an idea that in the future they might like to do something rural.”

Judging by their enthusiasm she might right.

Julia Taylor, QUT News