The Australian Education Union has vowed to defy an order by the Industrial Relations Commission to supervise NAPLAN testing.

The IRC ruled teachers must reverse their planned boycott of the national literacy and numeracy testing, but the Queensland Union is yet to decide if it will obey the order.

Anna Chisholm reports.

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Queensland teachers were directed to deliver NAPLAN testing, after the dispute was taken to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

But the Australian Education Union and Australian Teacher’s Union say the national moratorium will continue.

Queensland Teacher’s Union President Steve Ryan says they won’t give up the fight.

Steve Ryan, President of Queensland Teacher’s Union: “I can assure you we will be campaigning around the issue of my school and the Federal Minister in association with the AEU and the campaign will not stop.”

The Queensland Teacher’s Union wants the order to be reconsidered.

Steve Ryan, President of Queensland Teacher’s Union: “The order from the federal department really does need questioning and this is why teachers are taking this action in support of the students they teach.”

Geoff Wilson, Education Minister: “I’m confident that Queensland teachers will indeed comply with lawful direction of Queensland Industrial Commission.”

The Eduction Minister says parents are relying on teachers to make sure the tests go ahead.

Geoff Wilson, Education Minister: “Children are going to be disadvantaged and put at risk by these tests not taking place.”

P & C Spokesman Garry Cislowski says parents shouldn’t be supervising tests.

Garry Cislowski, Parent and Citizen’s Association: “Its dangerous for parents to put themselves in the middle of that dispute and potentially break the goodwill that exists between parents and teachers.”

The next move for the Queensland Teacher’s Union will be to take the directive to the union’s executive. A decision will be made in the coming days whether or not to lift the boycott.”

Parents and teachers have mixed views on the boycott.

Parent vox one: “It’s quite out of order. Teachers have a duty to look after our kids.”

Teacher vox: “What’s wrong with testing kids to see if they learn numbers?”

Parent vox two: “The teachers have a right to boycott.”

Anna Chisholm, QUT News