The son of renowned Australian artist Pro Hart has taken a leaf out of his father’s book and painted a carpet.

Kym Hart used the event to raise awareness for motor neuron disease.

Fredrik Stromme reports.

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Artist Kym Hart lost his father Pro Hart to motor neuron disease in 2006.

He died within three months of being diagnosed.

Now, the son of one of Australia’s most famous painters is using his dad as inspiration to paint.

Kym Hart, Painter: “I didn’t really understand it, hadn’t really heard about it until my father was diagnosed and it’s a degenerate, horrible disease.”

Motor Neuron Disease is a rare and crippling condition, unknown to many.

The Pro Art Project aims to raise awareness of the disease through kids and art.

Motor Neurone Association Queensland hopes the initiative can help create a domino effect.

Gail Headley, Motor Neurone Association Queensland: “It’s really focused to raise awareness, we realise if we let children learn about motor neuron disease they’re gonna talk to their parents, their parents going to talk to their friends.”

The kids were there to learn about art as well.

Jessica Nicol, Pupil: “With his painting it looked really 3D and you could walk on into it.”

The event launched the Pro Art awareness campaign which will culminate in fundraising auction in June.

Fredrik Stromme, QUT News