Headaches continued for the government today as health workers once again received incorrect pay.

Premier Anna Bligh returned from the COAG meeting to welcome the Queen’s baton relay, but flew into the deepening health pay storm.

Marnie Gerrard reports.

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The Kelvin Grove community played host to the Commonwealth Games baton a symbol of the unity and shared ideals of the Commonwealth nations.

Anna Bligh, Premier: “The Queen’s baton is one of the strong traditions of Commonwealth Game. It will travel 190,000kms in 340 days on its way to Delhi.”

The baton may be on home soil again in coming years with the Gold Coast bidding for the two thousand and eighteen games.

Sam Coffa, President of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association: “where ever the commonwealth games goes or where any multinational sport event goes it always creates a huge impact.”

Labor leaders are running their own relay trying to fix the ongoing pay debacle as health workers continued to receive incorrect pay today. But the opposition wants to pass the baton straight to the Prime Minister.

John-Paul Langbroek, LNP Leader: “Kevin Rudd needs to act to fix this within Queensland Health … Anna Bligh can’t fix it … Paul Lucas can’t fix it.”

With tens of thousands of health workers overpaid, underpaid and not paid at all in the last month, the opposition is calling for Paul Lucas to resign.

John-Paul Langbroek, LNP Leader: “Very obviously Paul Lucas should be falling on his sword or Anna Bligh should be pushing him on to it.”

Anna Bligh, Premier: “I can understand why people are angry. They’re entitled to be angry and they are entitled to be angry with the government. I expect the minister, Paul Lucas, to take responsibility for this and that’s what he is doing.”

The Premier says every hospital has authorised a person to draw cheques and encourages health workers to go to them if they are without pay.

Marnie Gerrard, QUT News