Queensland Labor’s failures continue to unravel with Anna Bligh losing the support of the timber industry in the wake of another asset sell-off.

And the State Government’s not promising a payroll fix for out-of-pocket health workers for another month.

Tygar Taylor reports.


Health bungle, more like health disaster.

Queensland health workers will be forced to go through another pain-staking month before they receive their pay.

Only those who haven’t received a cent will get their pay by the end of the week.

Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier: “But in any event, if there is a situation where someone is not paid or even if they get most of their pay in, and they are at a hardship situation we have the people there to make the payment pronto.”

With medical staff working hard without pay it is estimated an extra fifty to one hundred extra staff are needed.

The State Opposition has written to the auditor general asking for a full investigation into the Queensland Health payroll fiasco.

Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier: “I am happy for the auditor-general to look at whatever he wants but this is another stunt.”

Labor’s failures though are quiet literally coming out of the woodwork with Timber Queensland speaking out about the government’s alleged failure to ensure the industry won’t be damaged by foreign buyers.

Rod McInnes, Timber QLD CEO: “We were given assurances at the out set from government that the existing forestry plantation Qld estate would be maintained for forestry purposes.”

But the Timber Industry says they’re sick of the Labor government’s sneaky business.

Rod McInnes, Timber QLD CEO: “It’s making us very nervous at the eleventh hour now with an industry worth four billion dollars a year and twenty thousand people employed.”

The Deputy Premier says they shouldn’t worry.

Tygar Taylor, QUT News